Operations Flight Commander

The Operations Flight Commander (OFC) is the officer responsible for supervising the cadet wing in the conduct of LLAB activities.  This includes ensuring that LLAB is planned, organized, and executed by the cadets.  Other requirements are covered below.  

For example: if attendance records ended in May for spring 2013, keep the records until December 31, 2014.   Ensure a merit/demerit system is not used.  Ensure cadet publications are current.   Cadets may, with the approval of the commander pursuant to paragraph, satisfy this requirement by holding officer-equivalent positions in student organizations. Retain documentation for one calendar year after the cadet officer is commissioned or is eliminated from the program.

Job Aid Contents:

  1. OFC Milestones
  2. Cadet Generated Documents
  3. OFC Generated Documents
  4. New Student Orientation
  5. Basketball Tournament
  6. Miscellaneous Best Practices

1.  OFC Milestones

  • May/October
    • Select C/Wg CC in spring select NSO CC
    • Update mission directive and optional mission guidance and send to C/Wg CC
  • Jun/November
    • Develop LLab Syllabus
      • Use cadet developed schedule from Ops Plan
    • Review and approve all cadet generated pre-semester documents
      • Cadet org chart with written job descriptions
      • Operations Plan including LLab schedule
  • August
    • First LLab ensure that all required topics listed below are briefed
    • Request nominations from C/Wg CC for basketball tournament, dining out and awards ceremonies POCs
  • September
    • Approve Basketball tournament, dining out and awards ceremony POCs
    • Setup monthly status meetings with cadre and POC for all three functions. 
  • October
    • Select award recipients (for fall this is usually limited to det awards)
  • November
    • Cadet Basketball tournament POC finalizes date for basketball tournament (usually January or Feb based on ND facilities availability)
    • Dining In (optional)
  • December
    • Awards LLab
      • Conduct end of term safety briefing
  • January
    • Work with det Awards POC to begin contacting outside organizations that sponsor awards
    • AFA cadet of the year for outstanding AS300 is due along with 1206 package
    • Cadet dining out POC requests approval for dining out guest speaker and location
  • February
    • Cadets to invite guest speaker for dining out
    • Cadets select dining out location and finalize funding
    • Cadre select award recipients for all received awards
  • Apr
    • Supervise Dining Out
    • Supervise Awards ceremony
      • Conduct end of term safety briefing
  • May
    • Commissioning
  • Summer
    • Field Training

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2. Cadet Generated Documents

These documents are cadet generated and should be reviewed and maintained for at least 3 years since they are inspectable items.   The due dates should be at least three weeks before the semester begins to provide cadre with enough time to review and approve and send to the cadet wing prior to the start of the semester

Pre Semester

  • Operations Plan
    • Ensure that all LLab objectives are listed on the schedule
      • If the objective will be covered in the previous or future terms​​​​​ ensure that the cadets document the missing objectives at the bottom of the schedule
      • Use the schedule from the O-Plan to update the LLab syllabus
        • Ensure that any PMT is funded properly
          • Mandatory LLabs cannot be funded by individual cadets or university funds (this includes dining outs)
  • Org Chart and written job description
    • University positions should not be included (AAS CC, basketball tournament POC, etc)
    • Ensure that no job descriptions mention fundraisers or management of SAO or cadet funds
    • Ensure that no references to cadet NCOs or other enlisted ranks are listed
    • Ensure that Cadet officers rotate positions at least once each during each academic year
    • Use the Org chart to designate leadership positions in the cadet wing 
      • Ensure each cadet officer serves at least one term in a qualifying leadership position
      • OFC needs to ensure that each POC has at least one leadership position
        • Accomplished by using an optional leadership tracker an example is available on the share drive
        • At a small det most POC will have multiple leadership positions including a term on wing staff
  • Attendance Roster
    • Ensure that every LLab and PT session is listed
    • Cadets currently use Google docs only the manpower officer and OFC had editing access 
      • All cadets and cadre should have viewer access
    • Ensure that tracker displays percentage potential and subtracts approved absences from the total
      • Current approved tracker does this
    • Review weekly to ensure that no cadets are close to 80% attendance threshold
      • It is optional to counsel with a form 16 if they hit a pre determined threshold such as 85%
      • The OFC must fail cadets that have less than 80% attendance for LLab or PT
    • Maintain LLAB attendance records and documentation showing accomplishment of lesson objectives based on the calendar year in which the academic year ends
    • Retain attendance records for current and previous academic year (with EFC if desired), and lesson objective documentation for current academic year for one calendar year following the end of the academic year

2 weeks after beginning of the semester

  • Cadet Directory (not an inspectable item)
    • Include name, university, phone number, and email address


  • Operations Orders (due two weeks before LLab)
    • Ensure that each Ops order is approved and signed digitally by OFC and C/Wg CC
      • Cadets will send out in weekly announcements the Sunday prior to the LLab and PT.
  • After Action Reports (AAR) are optional, but it provides the cadets experience and continuity from year to year
    • If an AAR is not required recommend at least having an itinerary for the weekly meeting which includes lessons learned from the last week
  • OFC and C/Wg CC meeting (optional to have Det CC meeting as well)


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3. OFC Generated Documents

The OFC is required to produce the following documents

Before each semester

  • Mission Directive
    • Must be signed and approved by Det CC or OFC
    • Direct what is to be done not how to do it
    • Example is on Attachment 3 to AFROTC 36-2010
      • Not much flexibility
  • Mission Guidance
    • Not mandatory
    • Provides additional guidance including suspenses and guiding regulations
      • Can use to provide additional clarification on prohibited activities (fund-raising, LLab funding etc.)
      • Useful for providing written suspenses
      • Previous examples are located on the share drive in the OFC folder under mission directives
  • LLab Syllabus
    • Previous examples are on the OFC folder on the share drive
    • The required schedule is accomplished by the cadets so this cannot be finalized until the cadets develop the schedule
    • A list of the LLAB and PT lesson objectives from the most recent T-508
      • Make sure to use the most recent T-508
        • The T-508 is available on the Holm Center site and is provided to the instructors on a DVD at the beginning of each AY
        • T-508 currently does not require a minimum amount of minutes per objectives with the exception of esprit de corps for freshmen cadets
          • Sufficient coverage of each objective is determined by the cadre
    • Grading and evaluation criteria
      • 80% attendance, indifference to military training, and not attempting the PFA each term are the only criteria that 

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4. New Student Orientation

New Student orientation is an optional training program offered before the semester.  No requirements exist in the regulation as to what should be covered since it is an optional training.  

  • Det 225 uses this training session to do inprocessing paperwork, conduct physical fitness tests, and briefings
  • Returning cadets also instruct on drill and conduct team building events
  • Some guidance is given in AFROTCI 36-2010, but mainly what is not allowed to be done
    • It is not to be run like "boot camp" or field training
    • An active duty officer must supervise NSO


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5. Basketball Tournament

The Flyin' Irish basketball Tournament has been running continuously since 1985. It began as an official event to promote esprit de corps among ROTC detachments from across the nation. Although AFROTC no longer considers it an official event it is still one of the largest gatherings of ROTC cadets in the nation. This is a student run activity, the cadre act as advisers.

  • The cadets’ and cadre official continuity are located on the share drive in the OFC folder
  • The first step is to appoint a cadet to be in charge of the tournament
  • The cadet wing commander nominates the basketball tournament cadet by 31 Aug and submits the selection to the OFC
  • The cadre should approve the cadet in charge by 15 Sep
  • Do not allow the cadets to put this position on the cadet org chart since it is not an official leadership position
  • As soon as the cadet is able to schedule a weekend for the event design a schedule for the cadre to support the activity
  • The dates are determined by the University athletics
    • In the past several years they have only provided the Det with one option, due to many basketball games, Bengal Bouts and other events being scheduled for the field house and the main courts during the spring
    • This is a busy time of the year for the university so flexibility is important
    • The cadet POC needs to meet with the athletics department at the earliest availability
      • This will generally be in Oct since the athletics department will not schedule earlier
    • If multiple dates are offered ensure that the cadre approve the date selection and do this as early as possible
    • Key concerns with selecting date
      • Deconflicting with Tri-mil to ensure that they are not planning large events on the same weekend
      • Availability of cadre
    • An example schedule is located in the continuity folder
  • Have the cadet POC provide you with individual suspenses by the end of October
    • Some of the major milestones with some possible suspenses
      • Event date scheduled with ND athletics mid Nov
      • T-shirts design approved by cadre mid Nov
      • trophies approved by cadre mid Nov 
      • Referees contacted mid Nov
      • Volunteers schedule mid Nov
      • Tentative schedule completed late Nov
      • T-shirts design approved by university late Nov
      • Trophies and t-shirts ordered NLT 4 weeks prior to event
      • Registration deadline NLT 3 weeks before event

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6. Miscellaneous Best Practices

There are many different ways to accomplish the training requirements, these are all optional approaches that may increase effectiveness

  • Institute a cadet evaluation program
    • The Det CC is required to determine Relative Standing Score (RSS) each semester based on officer potential
    • Used for all competitive boards and selections (scholarships, Enrollment Allocations, rated boards and AFSC selections)
      • Generally Det CC asks cadre for inputs
        • Can be difficult to rank especially for crosstown GMC since they generally do not have as much facetime with cadre
    • Cadets ranking each other and providing reasoning gives another perspective which can be valuable when assessing leadership potential 
      • Ranking system should be semi anonymous
        • With full anonymity disrespectful or non-constructive comments cannot be addressed and they are more likely if cadets believe they have full anonymity
        • OFC and cadet responsible for rankings should have visibility on who wrote comments
          • This can be helpful when trying to determine how crosstown POC view each other
          • In Dets with high numbers of crosstown cadets rankings can be skewed to the university with the highest number of cadets
          • Knowing who gave feedback can help determine if people are ranking higher based on familiarity rather than leadership performance
      • Have POC rank GMC and GMC rank POC
      • Currently using google forms to do a survey
      • Rankings and feedback can be used as data points for Det CC's RSS
      • WINGS seperately factors GPAs, PT scores and college placement scores for all competitive boards
      • Does not factor in number of conditional events, form 16s, peer ranking or other factors


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