Recruiting Flight Commander

The Recruiting Flight Commander (EFC) is the officer in charge of recruitng, admissions, and retention. 

Job Aid Contents:

  1. RFC Milestones
  2. Recruiting Plan
  3. Recruiter Training
  4. Requests for Information
  5. Campus Visits
  6. Registrar Rosters
  7. Mail Merge
  8. Adverstising and Promotion (A&P)
  9. Center of Influence (COI) Events

1. RFC Milestones

In addition to attending recruiting events, below is a list of milestones the RFC is responsible for:

  • June
    • Route Draft Recruiting Plan to Det/CC
  • July
    • Submit draft Recruiting Plan to RDA by 1 July
    • Complete recruiter training for all cadre before classes begin (coordinate IST with EFC)
  • August
    • Submit Final Recruiting Plan to RDA by 1 August
    • Schedule meetings with COI POCs
  • September
    • Meet with Cadet Recruiting Officer - assign cadet recruiting plan
    • Establish and train cadet recruiting teams

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2. Recruiting Plan

The RFC must develop and maintain a recruiting plan covering 1 September to 31 Auguast to meet local and national recruiting needs. A draft must be submited to the RDA by 1 July, and the final version must submitted to the RDA by 1 September.

Det 225's Recruiting Plan is maintained on this website as a sub-page of this job aid. 

National Recruiting Strategy

The National Recruiting Strategy is released annually by HQ AFROTC/DOR and is available on the Holm Center website.

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3. Recruiter Training

Recruiter Training is conducted by the RFC at the start of every academic turn during IST. Coordinate with the EFC to determine the time and location for recruiter training. IST is usually held during a designated week after unit staff meeting.

Recruiter Training will consist of:

  1. Rules of engagement for cadre and cadets
  2. National recruiting goals and strategies set forth within the National Recruiting Strategy
  3. Det specific recruiting goals and events set forth by the Det Recruiting Plan

Det 225's Recruiter training is maintained on the shared drive.

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4. Requests for Information

Requests for information (RFIs) by prospects will typically arrive via email, through .edu and .mil systems, or by phone.

  1. Obtain the prospect's email address and the school of interest (host or crosstown).
  2. Send the following preformatted email to the prospect: recruiting email (note: you must be logged onto your gmail server for the template to work)
  3. If the prospect is interested in joinin the program in the next Academic Year, add the prospect's contact information to the upcoming NSO roster located in the shared drive.

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5. Campus Visits

Requests for campus visits by prospects and family members will occur through email, phone, or occasionally by walk-ins. Scheduling visits with appointment is prefered. 

When a prospect contacts you, schedule a time to meet and provide the following maps and directions:

  1. AFROTC Map to Parking
  2. Campus Map

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6. Registrar Rosters

AFROTC Registrar's page contains HSSP and ICSP processes, as well as rosters regarding the status and results of scholarship boards. Follow the below steps to access the rosters:

  1. Log into the Holm Center Webite at:
  2. On the left, click "Intranet"
  3. Under "Intranet Navigation," under the "ROTC folder," click "Registrar"
  4. Click "Boards and Scholarships"

RDA Rosters are located in the "Interview Information Section." They are uploaded periodically (usually monthly) and reflect all HSSP ROTC applicants for all schools with an AFROTC detachment in the nation. Due to the number of applicants, these will be split alphabetically into two separate documents, i.e. “RDA Roster A-L” and “RDA Roster M-Z.”

These rosters are very useful in identifying potential CLS candidates.

LOA Rosters are located in the "Letter of Admittance" Section. These rosters are required to be placed into the Cadet's UPRG to verify thier scholarship status.

All incomng freshmen identified on the LOA roster will be included in the NSO notification email.

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7. Mail Merge

Mail Merge is an application used to send an email to multiple contacts on an email list. You must first prepare a roster of contacts with their email address on Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, and then use the mail merge application to send the draft email to all the contacts on the roster.

The RFC is responsible for executing a mail merge with a recruiting email to all accepted and confirmed incoming freshmen for Notre Dame and all the crosstowns.The RFC can also use mail merge to send an email to all the NSO applicants.

Follow the below process to execute a mail merge.

  1. Create an Excel Spreadsheet roster with contacts and email addresses
    • Ensure the first row (top row) contains column headers, i.e. "First Name, Middle Name, Email Address”
    • Ensure there is a column with valid email addresses with a header titled as either “email” or “email addresses”
  2. Create a draft email with the message you want to send
    • To include any information from columns, use “<<” and “>>” around the header’s name
      • For example, to automatically fill the contact’s last name, if your roster has a column titled “Last Name”, type <<Last Name>> in the email where you wish the last name to be placed
  3. Ensure you have the mail merge application
    • Click on the Apps Icon
    • Click “More,” then “More from Apps Marketplace”
    • Search for “Yet Another Mail Merge”
    • Install the app if needed
  4. Open Google Sheets through Google Apps
  5. Click on the folder icon in the upper right
  6. Either create or upload an excel roster that you would like to use for the mail merge
    • To upload, click “upload”
    • Drag the excel spreadsheet into the application
  7. After roster is created, click “Add-ons”
  8. Click “Yet Another Mail Merge”
  9. Click “Start Mail Merge”
    • (If required) If this is the first time using the mail merge app on your computer, click “allow” then click “Continue”
  10. Ensure the proper column is selected, then press “Save”
    • The program will default to any column named “email”
    • This column must include the proper email addresses
  11. Select the appropriate Draft Email, then click “Send”
    • Recommendation: send a “Test Email” to make sure the email is formatted properly
    • IMPORTANT: There may be a limit of emails per day – if the cap is reached, emails will continue to be sent automatically over the next few days

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8. Advertising and Promotion (A&P)

XNET Ordering

XNET is the system that AFROTC uses to order recruiting items.  The Det receives 1,000 credits per year and there are four ordering seasons:

  • November
  • February
  • May
  • August

The website is

One person will be listed as the Det representative, which has traditionally been the RFC. The alternate can also order with the username and password.

Each A&P item has a maxmimum order limit and a credit price. The website tracks how much of your annual credit allotment has been spent, and if you miss an ordering period/season, your credits carry over to the next ordering season, however the selection of items may be limited. 

Place orders every season since some items have lower maximum order limits, such as beanies, but are popular at recruiting events. 

You can order recruiting brochures, folders and other stationary items at no cost at any time, but it is best to order those during the open season to save on shipping. 

The Regional Director of Admissions (RDA) may send reminders to the RFCs for open X-Net seasons, but build a calendar reminder at the beginning of the fiscal year for all the open seasons to ensure that every ordering opportunity is used.

These items are intended for recruiting events and campus visits and not to be handed out to current cadets or cadre.   

The following items have historically been well recieved:

  • Primary recruiting tools are informational pamphlets and folders
  • Beanies,stress balls, frisbees, pens/pencils are good for recruiting events
  • T-shirts are best used for campus visits but are not usually practical for recruiting events
  • Backpacks are mainly used as awards for events such as the Science Fairs

Custom A&P Funds

There may be other opportunities to order Det specific recruiting items on a funds available basis through XNET if HQ AFROTC allocates funding for custom A&P items.

  1. Notification of funding will arrive through the RDA or by an ARMS message.
  2. All custom A&P items must be catered toward potential cadets, not current cadets or cadre.
  3. All designs for recruiting items must be aproved by the Det/CC, Holm Center's Strategic Marketing office (DORM) and Notre Dame's Liscensing Office, which holds strict guidelines for the use of Notre Dame trademarks and logos.
    • DORM's contact information can be found in the Holm Center intranet, under the Recruiting Branch
      • Phone: 334-953-2091/590
      • The Air Force requires that the Air Force symbol must be prominently displayed on all items and cannot be modified or obscured in any way
    • Notre Dames Licensing Office
  4. Once approval is granted, contact a vendor and obtain a quote for the order.
  5. Submit item and vendor information to DORM

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9. Center of Influence (COI) Events

The RFC meets directly with the following individuals every year.

University of Notre Dame

  • Undergraduate Admissions
    • Name Brian Lohr
    • Email:
    • Phone: 574-631-7505

Valparasio University

Trine University


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