Volunteer Programs

Det 225 requests active duty members to aid our recruiting program through the Recruiter Assistance Program (RAP) and We Are All Recruiters (WEAR) Programs.

Recruiter Assistance Program (RAP)

RAP is sponsored by Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRS). Airmen participating in RAP directly assist the recruiter they are assigned to and should expect to work a full eight-hour day in the recruiter's office or with the recruiter in the community. RAP offers an opportunity for active duty members to serve as recruiters for up to 2 weeks on non-chargeable leave.

To apply for RAP, permanent party Airmen must submit an application to the recruiting squadron in the area they choose. To volunteer in RAP for Det 225, submit applications through the 339th RS, contact information below:

339th Recruiting Squadron
22600 Hall Rd. Ste 204
Clinton Twp, MI 48036
Phone: 586-463-9644
Recruiter Assistance Program Monitor: 586-463-9646

Technical school students can apply for RAP through their school personnel section or military training manager and are limited to assisting recruiters near their home of record. Airmen participating in RAP are expected to make a contribution in engaging with high school and college students through question and answer sessions, presentations or provide testimonials of their Air Force experience. Airmen who participate in RAP will not receive reimbursement for travel, lodging, meals or other expenses. Fact sheets for RAP can be found at the AFRS website, www.rs.af.mil.

A RAP Handbook with instructions for active duty AFROTC graduates is posted on AFROTC.com. Detachments will list in their recruiting plans how they will utilize RAP volunteers by discussing their use at high school visits, campus events, public speaking activities, and the types of office projects the RAP volunteer will do. All RAP volunteers will be trained on AETCI 36-2909 and DODI 1304.33 and will be expected to follow the guidelines of recruiting personnel when interacting with cadets and recruits.

We Are All Recruiters (WEAR) Program

WEAR is a permissive temporary duty (PTDY) program, open to active duty Airmen. Participation in the WEAR program is limited to events where Airmen are directly speaking to potential applicants or influencers about Air Force opportunities. WEAR program events can range from public speaking engagements to coaching sport camps.

Airmen who wish to take PTDY under the WEAR program must submit a request package to AFRS Public Affairs. The package must include a WEAR request memorandum and an endorsement letter from their commander, which can be found on the AFRS website, www.rs.af.mil. All portions of the package must be submitted on their unit's letterhead and include signatures. Each quarter AFROTC/DO will put out an ARMS message soliciting WEAR participants from the detachments, any paperwork dealing with AFRS will route through AFROTC/DO before going forward to AFRS.

WEAR requests are considered by the AFRS commander on an individual basis. Airmen who submit a WEAR request will receive an approval or disapproval notice via email. Airmen should allow at least 15 business days for their application to be considered.