Target Market & Schools


  1. Market Summary
  2. Host and Cross-town Schools
  3. Top Feeder High Schools

1. Market Summary

The national recruiting strategy establishes three priority recruiting areas:

  1. In-college market
  2. Local high school market
  3. On-base market (enlisted)

We are a geographically separated unit. Therefore, on-base recruiting is not one of our priorities. The closest bases are:

  • Active Duty AFB base: AFB being Wright-Patterson AFB (approx 4 hours away) 
  • ANG base: 122nd Fighter Wing in Fort Wayne (approx 2 hours away)
  • Reserve base: 434th Air Refueling Wing at Grissom ARB (approx 2 hours away)

Market Priorities

Our priorities are in-college and high school markets. Our In-college market encompasses our host and six crosstown institutions.  Local high school markets provide limited potential for entrance into Notre Dame; therefore, we focus on high school markets that feed our crosstown universities.

4-Year Market

The 4-year Market is dependent on scholarship money and the number of cadets accepted into our Host and Co-partner schools. Our 4-year market activities include:

  • Emails responding to RFIs from incoming freshman and transfers
  • Contacting scholarship winners and non-selects
  • Hosts prospective cadets and family members on campus
  • College Fairs, Open Houses, and some HS visits (mostly JROTC events)
  • Freshmen New Student Orientation

3-Year Market

In-college walk-ons make up the bulk of these prospective cadets. Through A&P and interpersonal interaction, we present the ROTC program, potential scholarship opportunities, and the benefits of a career in the USAF to these year groups at fairs and different campus activities.  Cadre and cadet recruiting teams are retrained each semester to attend fairs and events to help secure quality students for our program.  Our 3- year market activities include:

  • Campus Fairs 
  • Crosstown School visits
  • A&P materials posted where permitted
  • Contacting Critical Path Influencers
  • College Fairs, Open Houses, and some HS visits (mostly JROTC events)
  • Freshmen New Student Orientation

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2. Host and Crosstown Schools

Det 225 services seven Universities and Colleges across northern Indiana.

University of Notre Dame (Host)

Bethel College

Holy Cross College

Indiana University South Bend

Trine University

Saint Mary's College

Valparaiso University

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3. Top Feeder High School

In recent years, the local high school recruiting market has produced few cadets for Det 225. Below is a list of high schools in the area:

Penn High School

  • Address:56100 Bittersweet Road, Mishawaka, IN 46545
  • Phone: 259-7961
  • Student Population: 3,340
  • JROTC: None

Clay High School 

  • Address:19131 Darden Road, South Bend, IN 46615
  • Phone: 243-7000
  • Student Population:1,403
  • JROTC: Air Force

John Adams High School

  • Address: 808 S. Twyckenham Drive, South Bend, IN 46615
  • Phone: 283-7700 
  • Student Population: 1,712
  • JROTC: None

Riley High School

  • Address: 405 E. Ewing Street, South Bend, IN 46613
  • Phone: 283-8400
  • Student Population: 1,550
  • JROTC: Marine

Washington High School

  • Address:4747 W. Washington, South Bend, IN 46619
  • Phone: 283-7200
  • Student Population:1,391
  • JROTC: None

St Joseph High School

  • Address: 1441 N. Michigan, South Bend, IN 46617
  • Phone: 233-6137 
  • Student Population: 813
  • JROTC: None

Marian High School

  • Address: 1311 S. Logan Street, Mishawaka, IN 46544
  • Phone: 259-5257
  • Student Population: 696
  • JROTC: None     

Mishawaka High School

  • Address: 1202 Lincolnway East, Mishawaka, IN 46544
  • Phone: 254-7300 
  • Student Population: 1,676
  • JROTC: None

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