Civil Involvements

This page will briefly outline the procedure Cadets will follow if they are involved in any civil offenses, or violations. For complete guideance, please review AFROTCI 36-2011 (Updated: July '15). 

The AFROTC Form 35.xfdl is the basic document used to record Cadet civil involvements.

Upon application to AFROTC, the Detachment will counsel applicants that they are required to report all involvements with civil, military or school authorities, regardless of the severity, disposition, or the date involvement.

Any offense, violation of law or ordinance, or any other incident causing adverse involvement or contact with civil, military, or school authorities must be reported.

This includes:

  • Violations of school honor code
  • Prior-service UCMJ/Article 15 actions 
  • Administrative discharge, demotion, or letters of reprimand while in government or military service

Once initially certified, the individual's AFROTC Form 35 becomes a permanent record. Subsequent involvements will be added to the original AFROTC Form 35. 

Cadets must report all involvements regardless of final disposition. 

When listing events on the AFROTC Form 35, Cadets must provide details to show the significance of the event.

For example, when listing speeding, the cadet MUST indicate the speed he/she was traveling and the speed limit. This gives the Detachment Commander and reviewing authorities a clear picture of the cadet’s behavior.

An AFROTC Form 35 will be completed even without ANY involvements listed.

Cadets must continue to report all subsequent civil involvements to the detachment within 72 hours after the initial involvement occurs.

For involvements that occur during school break periods of more than 72 hours, the individual may wait to report the involvement NLT 72 hours after their return to classes following the break.