Initial Flying Class Physical

Pilot/RPA Physicals

Prior to attending your Flight Physical you are required to fill in the personal data form and return it to a member of your Cadre for USAFSAM.

Please fill in the following Personal Data Form: personal data form.pdf

Cadet Responsibilities 

  • Accurately complete pre-screening documents as soon as notified of appointment date
  • Complete the On-line PEPP to include Medical History, ROTC Data Form, and FAA MedExpress (medical history & FAA MedExpress will generate keys) by follwing:
  • Take all information/directions presented by Det NCOs seriously, failing to follow directions may affect examination and pilot categorization
  • Inform detachment of any medical changes prior to appointment

USAFSAM Transportation Information

  • Upon arriving at Dayton OH Airport, cadets will use taxi service between Dayton, OH Airport and WPAFB lodging
  • Cadets (2-3) will be tasked to drive during medical examination week
  • All cadets will be transported from lodging to USAFSAM clinic on Monday morning. They will report in front lodging at 0615 to be transported to USAFSAM Clinic, Bldg 840, Area B, 1st Floor Waiting Area - Room W100
  • Cadets should contact lodging if their flights are delayed en-route and/or arriving after 1800hrs

Useful Contact Numbers

Lodging - (937) 257-3451

Charter Vans Inc - (937) 898-4043

Air City Cab - (937) 252-4444

USAFSAM/FEC Appointments - (937) 257-3451

CSO/ABM Physicals

Upon selection for CSO or ABM all Cadets should be provided with 2 things:

•The PEPP Link -

•The Pre Screen Form