Military Functions

Experience time-honored military traditions by attending functions such as military parades, drills, and military ceremonies.

Dining In—Cadets and Cadre participate in a military-only banquet, complete with requisite customs and courtesies.  This is is an opportunity for cadets to experience unique military traditions and particpate in morale building events.

Dining Out—Cadets and Cadre, with spouses and guests, attend a formal banquet with formal customs and courtesies   (uniform is semiformal or mess dress).  It is a time to socialize with fellow cadets and active duty military members and hear from a distinguished guest speaker.

Social Activities—From service activities to bowling nights and game nights there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and develop lifelong friendships. You can still be involved in other social clubs, organizations and activities at your school.

 2016 Veteran's Day Vigil—Cadets hold a 24 hour Vigil in honor of all U.S. Veterans.

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