Notre Dame Tri Military Provost Dinner

Notre Dame is one of a very few universities with an ROTC program which represents all branches of the military – Army, Marines Corps, Navy, and Air Force. This exceptional bond between our Lady’s University and her sons and daughters who volunteer to serve as stewards of freedom in our nation’s armed forces is as strong today as it has ever been. With this ceremony, we honor those fallen comrades who have served out great country, particularly those “strong of heart and true to Her name,” the sons and daughters of Notre Dame.

The Tri Military Annual Provost Dinner is an event hosted by the Provost Office at The university of Notre Dame, it is a time for Commanders to Hail and Farewell their respective Cadre. 

It is an opportunity for Cadets and Midshipmen to honor service members before them, and experience a time honored tradition.

Table Ceremony