Air Force Reserves Option

Cadets enrolled in AFROTC have the option to apply and join the Air Force Reserves!

What is the benefit of the Air Force Reserve?

The Selected Reserve is a great opportunity to serve in an Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC), of your choice, with a flexible schedule that allows Airmen to pursue a civilian career with the protection of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.

In addition to the choice to live wherever you prefer, it is an Air Force Reserve policy to support unit changes if personnel move their residence from the current unit’s to another unit’s commuting area (to include aircrew assignments to the same weapon system).

Selected Reserve members attend the same Initial Skills Training (IST) as their Regular Air Force peers and most AFSCs include the choice of active duty for seasoning after IST.

Members of the Selected Reserve are either eligible for Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) or they get the choice of purchasing TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) healthcare coverage to maintain their medical readiness.

How do I apply as a rated traditional Reservist?

  • Have your AFROTC Detachment confirm you are potentially pilot, CSO, or RPA qualified medically.
  • Complete the Test of Basic Aviation Skills (TBAS).
  • Contact your local Air Force Reserve recruiter or call 800-257-1212.
  • Work to submit an Undergraduate Flying Training (UFT) application to Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command by the suspense of the Fall FY board.

How do I apply as a non-rated traditional Reservist?

  • Complete the first page of an Air Force Form (AFF) 1288.
  • Ask your AFROTC Detachment Commander to complete the first endorsement of your AFF 1288.
  • Contact your local Air Force Reserve recruiter or call 800-257-1212.
  • Have your Air Force Reserve recruiter submit your AFF 1288 to your AFROTC Detachment.
  • Have your AFROTC Detachment submit the AFF 1288 to the Holm Center no later than 15 August 2017
  • Click here to download the Air Force Form 1288 (94k PDF).pdf