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Welcome Future Cadets to Air Force ROTC Detachment 225

Congratulations on your decision to join the AFROTC program at Detachment 225, located The University of Notre Dame.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goal of becoming a commissioned officer in the world's greatest Air Force!

FAQ for Prospective Cadets

1. What is the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps?

Air Force ROTC is the largest and oldest source of commissioned officers in the United States Air Force. AFROTC’S mission is to produce leaders for the Air Force by recruiting, educating and commissioning officer candidates based on Air Force requirements. For more information please visit the AFROTC web site.

2. What is your commitment following commissioning?

After you are commissioned, you will be required to serve a minimum of four years on active duty. Depending upon your career selection, you may be required to serve additional years.  Pilots are required to serve a minimum of ten years on active duty and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilots, Combat Systems Officers, and Air Battle Managers are required to serve a minimum of six years on active duty.

3. What is field training?

Field training is a mandatory two week summer training program focused on leadership skills, military bearing, physical conditioning, followership, and expeditionary training. It will develop you into a polished leader and provide you with the skills needed to be an Professional Officer Course member. You will also receive junior officer training, career orientation, and learn  how the Air Force operates. Field Training usually takes place between your sophomore and junior year.

4. How often do I wear my uniform?

At Det 225, cadets are required to wear one of their uniforms every Tuesday during a normal semester at Leadership Laboratory and regular class. Uniforms are also to be worn to PT sessions, and various events throughout the academic year.

5. What is PT and when does it occur?

PT, or physical training, is a time when the cadet corps meets to maintain physical standards. Cadets are required to attend the mandatory physical training session once a week, as well as a secondary session. Cross-town cadets are required to meet twice a week at their respective universities for PT.

6. What is Leadership Lab?

Leadership Lab (LLAB) occurs every Tuesday afternoon. This is a mandatory class where officer skills are developed and fine-tuned. This course is instructed by junior and senior cadets with guidance from active duty officers.

7. Where are the AFROTC offices located at ND?

The Air Force office, called the Detachment (Det), is located at 211 Pasquerilla Center, Notre Dame, IN 46556.

8. What classes must I take while in AFROTC?

All first year cadets will enroll in Aerospace Studies AS100 level courses. 


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