Term Abroad Information

Term Abroad programs broaden AFROTC cadets experience and help support the efforts of an expeditionary Air Force in terms of cultural awareness and language proficiency. 

Cadets must maintain phone/email contact with detachment for duration of overseas study.

Term counselings must be completed while the cadet is abroad. 

Cadets must make-up missed AS classes and meet all LLAB requirements. 

Coursework must fulfill contracted degree requirements.

Participation must not alter the projected DOC/DOG.

Cadets must maintain retention standards to include but not limited to:

  • Fitness Standards
  • Weight/BMI Standards
  • Civil involvement Policy
  • Drug Abuse Policy

There is no Air Force allowance for travel, room, board, or any other costs incurred by the term abroad program.

Scholarship costs will be capped at those costs the cadet would have had at the host institution. The student is responsible for any other costs. The student shall complete a statement of understanding in the format outlined in AFROTC 36-2011 Figure 4.4.

Afrotc 36 2011 Fig 4