Cadet Organizations

Honor Guard

Band And Honor Gaurd

Honor Guard is a team designed to train you in precision drill and ceremonies with arms. Many teams travel to compete in competitions against other universities, showcasing their expertise in military professionalism, customs and courtesies.

Arnold Air Society

Arnold Air Society (AAS) is a national, professional, honorary service organization of selected Air Force ROTC Cadets. AAS is a private, nonprofit group. Service projects range from joint national projects to local community or campus projects.

AAS community projects include:

  • Serving the disadvantaged.
  • Fostering environmental awareness.
  • Promoting awareness of the plight of Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action.


Flag football, basketball, soccer, and other recreational activities are always taking place in Air Force ROTC. Many Air Force ROTC detachments have sports teams that compete in university intramurals, as well as against other local Army ROTC and Navy ROTC teams.

Detachment 225 hosts it's very own Annual Flying IrishTM Invitational Basketball competition, as well as an annual Tri-Military competition.