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Cadets after graduating NCOP 2020. 

The New Cadet Orientation Program (NCOP) is a comprehensive training event focused on preparing new students for success in AFROTC. This year, NCOP will be held in two parts. The administrative day is still To Be Determined at the University of Notre Dame, and the training will be held the weekend of Aug 26-28, 2022, also at Notre Dame.

At NCOP, new cadets are introduced to Military Culture & Heritage, Drill & Ceremony, Leadership, and Team Building. All cadets will participate in the following events:

  • PT (Physical Training)
  • Reveille and Retreat
  • Knowledge Assessments
  • Group Leadership Scenarios 
  • Capstone team-building exercise

NCOP will give cadets insight into what it is like to be in Air Force ROTC, as well as teach the basics of military life, and introduce them to the vast opportunities available as they work towards becoming an officer in the world’s greatest air force. NCOP will also help cadets transition from being a high school student to a college student, and provide tips and advice from upperclassmen on managing the demands of academics, ROTC, and the host of other extracurricular activities the schools offer. NCOP is an incredible opportunity to meet other new cadets and get a head start into the first semester. Note that participation in NCOP and the beginning of AFROTC does not incur a military service commitment. As such, come out and give it a try!

NOTE: You CAN NOT enroll in AFROTC for Fall 2022 without talking to Cadre or the Recruiting Officer, Captain Casey Kaminski at Detachment 225 first.

If you are interested in joining AFROTC in Fall 2022, please contact Detachment staff at:

Address:   211 Pasquerilla Center

                 University of Notre Dame

                 Notre Dame, IN 46556

Email: afrotc@nd.edu

Phone: (574) 631-6634 

Please check the links below for more information and registration materials. If you have any questions at all, please contact Detachment staff.

Priority Links

All of the information included on this page is important for understanding and succeeding in NCOP. Nevertheless, for convenience and simplicity, the most important forms and links are included below. Please continue reading for information and instructions for each. As of May 2022 all of the form below are being edited for NCOP 2022. We will post the new forms and links in July 2022.

Cadet/Family Biography

Forms Checklist

NCOP Handbook

Admin Day Information

Once we have a set date for Admin Day we will post information here.

Campus Map

Cadet Information

Please arrive wearing khakis and a polo. This will be a formal military training environment, as well as your first impression in a four-year job interview, so look as presentable as possible. This means you should look respectable, wear clothes that are modestly fitting (nothing tight, oversized, ripped, or cut off), and follow the Air Force dress and appearance standards. Gentlemen, facial hair of any form will not be permitted for the duration of Admin Day nor the training weekend.


Parent Information

On Admin day following an introductory briefing, there will be an information session for parents regarding the more specific details of NCOP not told to the cadets, as well as more information regarding AFROTC and Detachment 225. This meeting will be led by cadre and will be followed by a Q&A. If a parent is unable to attend the information session, please email afrotc@nd.edu for Zoom information. All forms that are to be returned after submission will be returned to the parents of the cadets upon completion of Admin Day. If no parent will be in attendance, the documents will be stored in safekeeping until the end of Admin Day and then returned to the cadet.

Forms to Be Completed (An update to the Forms will be Posted in early July 2022)

This section highlights all of the forms and documents that must be completed and brought to NCOP along with simple explanations of their purposes. Please reference the 2021 NCOP Forms Checklist for a more in depth understanding of the documents. Please note that some documents may require to be downloaded and viewed using free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Forms Checklist - Please fill this out in its entirety and place it in a manila envelope on top of all required documentation. 


Cadet/Family Biography - Please fill out this online form ASAP as it confirms/declines a place at NCOP.


Uniform Sizing Form - This form allows NCOP staff to have uniforms ordered prior to the first day of NCOP.


Create a WINGS Account and Fill out AFROTC Application - Please follow the step-by-step instructions. Doing both are necessary to enroll in AFROTC.


AFROTC Form 28 Sports Physical - Please fill this out and have it signed by a physician if you have not completed your DoDMERB. If you are unsure if your DoDMERB is completed, please contact the Detachment. If you are not a scholarship cadet, you must provide this form to participate in any semi-physical AFROTC activity.


DD Form 2005 - Privacy Act statement for your healthcare records.


Consent for Release of Student Records - Allows the Detachment and AFROTC to access your student records.


Request and Consent for Release of Student Records - Allows your respective school to send the Detachment and AFROTC your student records.


DD Form 93 - Records your emergency information.


Direct Deposit Form - For scholarship cadets only. This sets up a direct deposit for your stipend. Fill out Blocks 1, 2, 3, and 5.


W-4 - For scholarship cadets only. Tax Form. Fill out Steps 1 and 5; enter “0” for Steps 3 and 4.


DD Form 2058 - For scholarship cadets only. Records your state of legal residence for tax purposes.


SGLV 8286 - For scholarship cadets only. Sets the foundation to have a military life insurance policy. Fill out Blocks 1 and 5.


If you have any questions regarding NCOP, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Detachment, Cadre, or NCOP staff! NCOP is a phenomenal experience, loved by most cadets who participate, and sets everyone up for success in the beginning of AFROTC. Fly, Fight, Win!

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