2019 New Cadet Orientation Program (NCOP)



If you are interested in joining AFROTC in Fall 2019, the Flyin’ Irish are hosting a New Cadet Orientation Program (NCOP) on August 16/22 and September 6-8, 2019. If you are a crosstown cadet from Trine University or Valparaiso University, you will attend the first introduction day on August 16 and the weekend orientation from September 6-8. If you attend University of Notre Dame or any of the local schools (Saint Mary’s, IUSB, Holy Cross, Bethel), you will attend the second instruction day on August 22 and the weekend orientation from September 6-8. If you are joining Notre Dame Marching Band, you will attend the first half of introduction day on August 21 and the second half on August 22 (after March-Out).


NCOP will introduce you to what it is like to be an Air Force cadet, teach you the basics of military life, and inform you of the vast opportunities open to you as you work to become an officer in the world’s greatest Air Force. You will learn and practice military customs and courtesies, marching, and drill and participate in group leadership scenarios and PT (physical training). NCOP will also help you transition from being a high school student to a college student and provide tips and advice from upperclassmen on managing the demands of academics, ROTC, and the host of other extracurricular activities the schools offer. NCOP is an incredible opportunity to meet other new cadets and get a head start into your first semester in ROTC. Finally, you get to move into your dorm room a day early, either on August 16, 21 (band), or 22 (depending which university you will be attending)! Please check the links below for more information and registration materials. If you have any questions at all, please contact the Detachment staff at:


Address:   211 Pasquerilla Center

                University of Notre Dame

                Notre Dame, IN 46556

Email: afrotc@nd.edu

Phone: (574) 631-6634


Attending NCOP

The following documents contain important information for all individuals planning to attend NCOP including packing lists, cost, schedules, materials to know upon arrival, etc. Please review the material carefully and contact us if you have any questions.


Upon arrival, a copy of the NCOP Handbook 2019 will be provided to all cadets.


Welcome Letter -- Welcome Letter


What You Need to Know --  What You Need To Know 19


Parent Activities Schedule -- Parent Activities Schedule 19


This section contains all of the forms and materials required to attend NCOP and enroll in AFROTC. Even if you are not able to attend NCOP, but you plan to be a cadet in the Fall, please go ahead and complete and return the forms in the “Forms to Fill Out and Return Now” section and bring the items in the “Forms and Paperwork to Bring with you to NCOP” with you to class on 27 Aug. All forms are able to be filled out digitally, there is no need to print and scan the forms. Please send forms to afrotc@nd.edu.

Forms to Fill out Now and Return

(Send forms to afrotc@nd.edu)

NCOP Forms Checklist(Information pertaining to obtaining your Form 240 or FS Form 545 can be found at The US Passport Services Website

AFROTC Form 20: Return form now and you will fill out dorm information at NCOP

2019 NCOP Biography Form




This form must be filled out and SIGNED by a qualified physician prior to participating in any physical activities within our program. Ensure your name is clearly written in Block 1 at the top of the page.  The AFROTC Detachment (Block 2) is Det 225.

***This form is NOT required for scholarship cadets with a certified/complete DoDMERB physical.  If you are still working remedials and/or your DoDMERB physical has not been certified, you will need to provide the Form 28 when you arrive.  If you are unsure of the status of your physical, you can contact DoDMERB or the Detachment.


AFROTC Form 28 Physical

Height Weight Standards


Refer to the Det 225 Uniform Sizing Information Jun 19 and complete the following form -  New Cadet Uniform Sizing Record

You will be issued the standard Blues Uniform, the Service Dress Uniform, and the Physical Training Uniform upon completion of the DoDMERB exam.

The sizing record is our starting point; you will try on the uniforms for final fitting at NCOP.


Forms and Paperwork to Bring with you to NCOP

Please bring the forms and paperwork below with you to NCOP. Please place them in the order they are listed on the NCOP forms checklist. Place all of the items in a standard letter/legal manila envelope with the cadets last name, first name printed in the upper right hand corner.

  • An original birth certificate; we cannot use a copy of the certificate. This will be returned to parents during the Welcome Briefing.

  • An original Naturalization Certificate if applicable; we cannot use a copy of the certificate. This will be returned to parents during the Welcome Briefing.

  • The original Social Security card; we cannot use a copy of the certificate. This will be returned to parents during the Welcome Briefing.

  • High School Transcript With SAT/ACT Scores Included. We need an official copy with the raised seal—this will not be returned.

  • Males only- Copy of your Selective Service card if you are over 18 years old on 15 Aug 2019. Selective Service Registration

  • Copies of the following – these will not be returned:

    • JROTC certificate of completion and Letter from JROTC Commander

    • Civil Air Patrol Award (Billy Mitchell Award, Amelia Earhart Award, Carl Spaatz Award - if applicable)

    • Boy Scout Eagle Scout Award paperwork

    • Girl Scout Cadet Senior Scout with Gold Palm Award paperwork

    • Shot/Immunization Records

  • Direct Deposit  (Scholarship cadets only)

Forms to review Prior to Attending NCOP

AF Form 35

Air Force Form 2030

Helpful Documents

NCOP 2018 Dress And Appearance Highlights

AFI 36-2903 Dress And Personal Appearance

NCOP Handbook 2019

NCOP Dorm Move-In Times

All NCOP cadets are authorized to move into their dorms a day early, after the completion of the introductory day of NCOP (either 16 or 22 August, depending on your university).

Times are:

Valparaiso University: 16 Aug 19 3-5pm or 7-9pm

Trine University: 16 Aug 19

ND, SMC, HCC and IUSB: 22 Aug 19 (10am-2pm)